Artificial eye lens view

Artificial vision

The Artificial vision It is the scientific discipline, that through high-performance cameras, allows purchase, processing and analyzing images so that they can be processed by a control system. These images serve as an accurate information of reality and help improve production processes, performance improvements and obtain greater reliability in quality control processes.

Advantages of artificial vision

This discipline has multiple production processes which are integrated, but among others include the following:

  • Higher quality and productivity
  • Reducing production costs
  • Decrease in the percentage of waste
  • more detailed analysis of your production and manufacturing process control
  • Production flexibility

Our objetive

SYSVRA company specializes in the business sector Artificial vision, this being the area where we have more training and experience. In SYSVRA do custom studies on industrial manufacturing processes of customers, and the best solution is sought.

This solution ranges from selecting cameras, lenses and lighting that best suit the needs raised, to the development and system integration of image processing along with a friendly and personalized interface.

The goal of the Artificial Vision for SYSVRA not only get a better product through quality control, but to improve the production process client for save money raw material, and therefore, thereby reducing costs and be more competitive in its sector.


Knows the importance of SYSVRA in other sectors: robotics and automation.

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