Fever Detection System Using Thermal Imagers.

Body Temperature Measurement: Sysvra Fever Detection

Specially designed to measure no contact, at a minimum separation recommended by the WHO and with the recommended optimum precision by experts the body temperature of people, alerting of cases of fever, one of the main symptoms of COVID-19.

The concern of the current global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), already officially considered a pandemic, is latent in society. Sysvra offers an excellent solution for detect a high fever in individuals and so finally stop virus spread.

Specifically developed for installation on access doors making a control individual of temperature, used both as a template token element and customer access.

Application Sectors for Fever Detection

After the confinement stage, it is essential that all sectors with a flow of people ensure their health., both companies in which workers return to their jobs, as establishments ensuring the health of their customers.

So, this system is specially designed to:

Application Features

The system complies with the measurement protocol developed by experts during pandemics such as SARS or the COVID:

  • Individuals standing in front of the camera during 2-3 seconds.
  • Temperature measurement individually with WHO recommended minimum separation.

High performance specific system for fever detection:

  • High resolution
  • High precision + -0.5ºC ideal for fever detection
  • High thermal sensitivity 40mK (NETD), ideal for detecting minimal temperature variations

To achieve the necessary precision, the system includes:

To increase the absolute precision of temperature measurement, We use an black body equipped with a high precision internal temperature sensor (+-0.1ºC) achieving an absolute measurement precision of the system of + -0.5ºC, guaranteeing measuring the smallest temperature changes.

Ships with calibration certificate traceable.

Value added

Fully autonomous system with software easy and intuitive, no need for staff.

The system is granted:

  • Configurable alarms of temperature. If the person exceeds a predetermined value, an audible and visual alarm is activated.
  • Image storage (with date and time) of the person with fever, thus being able to perform traceability.

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