System for the inspection and realization of OPC in glass ampoules

OPC System

System in charge of carrying out and inspecting by artificial vision the dot and the precut OPC ampoules, and the alignment between them.

Problem solved

Ampoules in cosmetic and pharmaceutical use, a small pre-cut is made for easy opening. At the same time, a dot is printed in the ampoule, aligned with this precut, to indicate where to make the effort and open the glass container.

This process requires careful stitching and cutting., as well as your control by artificial vision, since it is very important for the release of these packages on the market.


In this SYSVRA solution, we perform the cutting and printing of the dot, as well as control through machine vision system, using optimal and quality tools.

To give a higher quality, it is also controlled that the pre-cut is in tolerance measurement, because if it is shallow, it can complicate the opening of the ampoule by the user.


From SYSVRA we provide the possibility of personalization system by the customer.

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