Artificial vision system for quality control and dimensioning in glass ampoules

Glass Forma Control

Artificial vision system personalized which is responsible for conducting quality control and the necessary correction in the manufacture of glass ampoules forming machine.


In the manufacture of glass ampoules it is necessary Quality controld in different parts of the same. These measures should enter tolerances according to regulations. further, The main drawback is the complexity of glass or any material transparent to acquire an image of quality.


He commitment of SYSVRA in this application was not only dispose of the product out of tolerance, if not intervene in the manufacturing process of the ampule for to correct production and so, reduce waste product thereby achieving big savings in raw material. The system captures 4 images per ampoule and processes 6 measures for each image.


The most attractive features of the system are:

  • 360 extent of the different parts of the ampule.
  • Control of concentricity and length.
  • Early correction process for better production.
  • immediate expulsion of the product out of specification.
  • Display system real-time data and image on screen.
  • Graphical and historical display production.
  • Data storage and reporting of production.

This artificial vision system has been tested in production speed machine 100 vials per minute.

From SYSVRA we provide the possibility of personalization system by the customer.

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