Defects in glass vials and ampoules, How to detect them?

Both glass ampoules and vials are very important containers in the packaging of pharmaceutical drugs, so they must be free from defects and contamination at any stage of its manufacture.

To ensure that these containers reach the market without any type of defect, more and more is used machine vision.

Most common defects in glass manufacturing

The most common defects that we find in the manufacture of any glass container are the following:

  • Air lines
  • Scratches
  • Glass particles
  • Knots
  • Air bubbles
  • Breaks

For example, we can some of these defects in glass ampoule manufacturing in the following image captured by the GDI system defect inspection developed by SYSVRA:

Defects in glass ampoules
Defect Inspection by machine vision in glass ampoules manufacture SYSVRA

SYSVRA in machine vision inspection of glass defects

At SYSVRA we have high experience in inspection systems for glass, so we have a high presence in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Increasingly, our clients demand a high quality in their packaging manufacturing processes, so it pushes us to be innovative in this area.

Thanks to our customers and after several years of development, SYSVRA is helping in 3 continents to discard any defect in the manufacture of glass ampoules thanks to its GDI system.

Shows SYSVRA Defect Inspection System
SYSVRA Glass Ampoule Defect Inspection System

This system is installed in the forming machine and apart from discarding the defects described above, also inspects for sizing defects.

SYSVRA not only installs this system on new forming machines, but also on machines that are already in production.

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