Artificial vision system for monitoring screen printing, rings and OPC in glass ampoules

Glass Serigraphy Control

Artificial vision system personalized which is responsible for monitoring screen printing, OPC rings and glass ampules.

The system developed by SYSVRA allows a screen printing control, rings and OPC according to the high demand both in pharmacy and cosmetics, giving thus a High value added in the quality products inspected by this system.


Complexity to acquire an image quality printing blisters glass or any material transparent, and the application of character recognition for demanding silkscreen, They are the main disadvantages of this application.


SYSVRA, with a friendly software for the operator, develops the best system mechanic and of illumination to acquire a quality image on the transparent material of the ampoule, and so, silkscreen control any color, rings and OPC.


The main features of this system of artificial vision are:

  • Speed: until 100 Blisters per minute.
  • Inspection logos, prints, etc any color by comparing patterns.
  • Using OCR characters for critics like lots, expiration, etc, case sensitive and special characters such as @,#,… for demanding screenprinting.
  • Up inspection 4 rings of the same or different color, controlling the width, cortes, holes and stains.
  • OPC inspection controlling deformity, measure, holes and spots in both point and cutting. Also it controls concentricity between cutting point and.
  • Data Storage, production reporting, shift management / operators and language change.
  • Real-time display screen printing, rings and OPC in a single window.

The system controls at all times the existing parts in the ampoule is producing, disabling the remaining.

From SYSVRA we provide the possibility of personalization interface by the customer.

You may also be interested in the control system using artificial vision dimensioning the glass ampoule.

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