The concern of the current global outbreak of the coronavirus ( COVID-19), already officially considered a pandemic, is latent in society.

Sysvra offers an excellent solution for detect a high fever in individuals and so finally stop virus spread.

Specifically developed for installation on access doors making a control individual of temperature, used both as a template token element and customer access.

Body measurement detection covid fever thermographic camera

The system is granted:

  • Configurable alarms of temperature. If the person exceeds a predetermined value, an audible and visual alarm is activated.
  • Image storage (with date and time) of the person with fever, thus being able to perform traceability.

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    Traceability and connectivity in the manufacture of glass ampoules

    In SYSVRA we have developed a solution for traceability and production control for a production of glass ampoules. This development consists of three artificial vision systems for quality control line and improve production. These systems are connected to a central computer in which the production is controlled, Data is displayed in real time, production and consumption reports are generated, and shift work orders are created and is a hotspot for any mobile device and tablet.


    In SYSVRA , with the knowledge and the idea our customers, develop industrial projects custom with the objective of to get better any industrial manufacturing process.

    We are specialized in the fields of business artificial vision, robotics Y automation industrial.

    For us, it is important to have a close collaboration with the client in order to lead a quality improvement and more commitment your production.

    SYSVRA collaborates with companies specialized in specific sectors to meet any need that our customers require.



    We carry out new projects as well as adaptations of existing applications.

    We integrate industrial robotics into your manufacturing processes.

    Introduce automation in your production line.


    HW / SW development

    electrical-mechanical development

    Quality control and traceability

    Signal monitoring

    Launched / Training

    sales support

    Technical service

    We perform interventions punctual in specific areas so that your production continues to operate.

    If you have any problems with any process automated (Siemens, Schneider, Panasonic…), with some arm robotic (WHO, ABB, YASKAWA…) or any camera artificial vision, please contact us and give you a quick solution.


    Visit Customer

    Our technicians visit customer premises to meet their needs and improvement ideas and their industrial environment.

    Previous study

    With the information gained a study of possible solutions in our facilities it is done and the technical proposal is exposed to customer. With this first proposal and collaboration with the client customize obtaining a final proposal.


    Once the technical proposal validated by the customer, an economic budget is done for study the customer.

    Development of project

    Once the technical and economic proposal is accepted, It is passed to project preparation, which also is customized to suit the client getting your feedback on this part as well as providing innovative ideas and advice from our company.

    Installation and commissioning

    It will proceed to the installation and commissioning of the application on the customer's.


    It will provide the client system manuals and training operators of operation thereof.

    sales support


    Our obsession is power to transform knowledge and ideas of our customers the best customized industrial solution possible.

    We understand that this collaboration is essential for our customers differ and can give a quality leap over its competitors.

    In SYSVRA we want the customer feel backed up at all times, so our commitment is ongoing, offering after-sales service of our products and open to possible improvements thereto.

    We do not want to be just a supplier for you, but we want to be a full-time partner in which you can trust.



    “We transform your idea into a customized solution quality”

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