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Control of oxygen supply in correction burners

The glass tube from which your ampoules are made may vary in diameter along their total length, or the heat input in the preheating zone may be insufficient causing additional rejections.

To compensate for these variations, the HOT END GFC system automatically manages the oxygen supply to the correction burners.

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Rejection of defects

GDI SYSTEM (Defects)

This machine vision system inspects glass tube defects and rejects defective ampoules automatically.

The most common defects are: Knots, air lines, scratches, cracks and glass chips inside the tube.

Its integration is possible as an individual system or in the same system as the HOT END GFC, having 2 systems in 1.

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On the line, before the oven


The OPC system is installed in the line before the oven and inspects the dot, pre-cut and alignment between both.

This system, developed by SYSVRA, differs from others due to its backlight, a product designed by our engineers, and a camera layout, specifically designed for OPC inspection.

Able to control measure, hole inspection, stains, cuts and inspection of point and cut deformity; in addition to alignment between the two.

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In the packaging, after the oven

The COLD END GSC system has been developed specifically for the verification of printing, rings and OPC in glass ampoules. Through easy setup mechanical design, an optimal image of the ampoule impression is achieved for validation.

In addition, this system includes OCR inspection (Optical Character Recognition) for thorough batch validation, expiration date, etc… and it is essential for our clients' production managers, with which they get a final product with the best guarantees.

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DCM SYSTEM (Data Control Manufacturing)

Traceability and connectivity in the manufacture of glass ampoules

The DCM system that we have developed thanks to our customers is a complete solution for traceability and production control for a glass ampoule manufacturing plant. Through HOT END GFC, GDI(Defects), OPC, and COLD END GSC systems controls quality throughout the ampoule manufacturing process. These systems are connected to a central computer in which the production is controlled, data is displayed in real time, production and energy consumption reports are generated, and shift work orders are created and is a hotspot for any mobile device and tablet.


In SYSVRA , we are specialists in inspection systems by machine vision in the industry.

With a high presence in the pharmaceutical industry, guaranteeing the quality of ampoules, vials and borosilicate glass tubes.

With presence in 3 continents SYSVRA is dedicated to providing solutions to those manufacturing companies with the need to improve inspection and quality of its products and manufacturing processes.

We have specialized departments in the fields of machine vision, robotics and automation industrial.

For us, it is important to have a close collaboration with the client in order to lead a quality improvement and a greater commitment to your manufacturing.


We carry out new projects as well as adaptations of existing applications.

We integrate industrial robotics into your manufacturing processes.

Introduce automation in your production lines.


HW / SW development

Electrical-Mechanical development

Quality control and traceability

Signal monitoring

Launched / Training

Sales support

Technical service

We carry out interventions punctual in specific areas so that your production continues to operate.

If you have any problems with any process automated (Siemens, Schneider, Panasonic…), with some arm robotic (WHO, ABB, YASKAWA…) or any camera artificial vision, do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you a quick solution.


Our obsession is to satisfy the needs of our clients with systems easy to configure, specific for your industry and fast delivery time.

Collaboration with our clients is essential to differentiate themselves and to take a quality leap over their competitors.

At SYSVRA we want the customer to feel supported at all times, therefore out commitment is continuous, offering a quality after-sales service.

We do not want to be just a supplier for you, but we want to be a full-time partner that you can trust.



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